Adam Lambert – Down the Rabbit Opening

Adam Lambert - Down the Rabbit Opening

This real-time performance set is an incredible mix of rock cinema, pop majesty and glam-bam-thank-Adam vocal art. Visually going from something like ‘Blade Jogger’ to Elvis just seems like all in a day’s help Lambert; however the vocals have various family trees. He truly connects with both the product and the audience at one time, and that is just what makes every vocalist truly successful, whether they could in fact sing or not (and while there are a lot that can’t, this is really their secret). Adam Lambert’s ‘Glam Nation Live’ is an outright must-own!

Arab Street in Singapore

Somewhere in between rock god and Broadway giant, Lambert’s design effortlessly blends blowing and beauty in a method that’s virtually hard to listen to at very first listen. It’s just as well ideal occasionally, however the heart is there, and that’s the thing that places Lambert’s vocals and design excessive.

But this CD is wonderful due to the fact that it shows how smokin’, very accurate, super-human Lambert is a singer and an entertainer. Have a look at the beast ‘Down the Bunny Opening’ or the skyrocketing ‘Whattaya Want from Me’ for a tasting of Adam’s incredible vocal singing. For a person that executes with a lot of sci-fi vaudeville swagger and blowing, Lambert comes off as exceptionally cozy, personalized and fun … he’s simply having a good time at a level a lot of us never envisioned.

Adam Lambert - Down the Rabbit Opening

Holiday is Coming

The multiple angles offered by the DVD are fun peek into the onstage globe Lambert creates, but at times, they could practically be a little distracting and overwhelming. Plainly taking Freddie Mercury’s theatrics right into the air and producing something all his very own, Lambert backs it all up with some awesome songwriting and vocals a lot of us still cannot cover our minds around. Truthfully, if this sort of practically advanced vocal singing Glam Seamless was all that Adam Lambert had going, he would be monotonous. But there’s a real heart and a compound to what this gifted ‘Glambert’ produces there on phase.